Vince Gilligan On Why You Should Watch ‘El Camino’ at the KiMo Theatre

Over the course of 62 episodes produced over six years of filming in Albuquerque, the AMC hit series Breaking Bad has become a source of immense pride to Burqueños. The first two seasons were watched by an average of one million viewers and the final episode, which aired in September 2013, was seen by 10.28 million viewers.

Following the immense success of the series, the show’s prequel, Better Call Saul, was ordered to series followed by the upcoming film El Camino; A Breaking Bad Movie. Months after wrapping up production, El Camino is set to air this Friday, October 11.

El Camino reunites fans with Jesse Pinkman, played by Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul, and follows his escape from captivity as he comes to terms with his past. Fans will have a special opportunity to see the movie in the historic KiMo Theatre at one of six showings this weekend. According to the New Mexico Film Office, the production of El Camino employed about 766 New Mexican crew members, actors and background talent.

The 92-year-old KiMo Theatre has hosted several successful events tied to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. The creative mind behind the shows, Vince Gilligan, personally chose the KiMo Theatre to be one of few places to screen El Camino. The Netflix original will screen at the theater October 11-14 with showtimes at 7 and 10 p.m.

El Camino creator and director, Vince Gilligan

“When we first knew that El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was going to be in actual movie theaters, we thought to ourselves ‘well where’s it going to play in Albuquerque?'” Gilligan said. “Everybody’s first thought was the KiMo. How could you not have it play at the KiMo? The world famous historic KiMo Theatre. It was a no brainer.”

A private screening, also the very first screening anywhere, of El Camino for Gilligan and the movie’s New Mexico film crew took place at the KiMo Theatre September 29. In an interview minutes after the screening, Gilligan explained that the movie was designed from the ground up to be seen in movie theaters.

During the interview, Gilligan also noted that it was New Mexico’s financial incentives for filmmakers that brought Breaking Bad to Albuquerque. The show was originally set in California. While he explains that the financial incentives were wonderful, ultimately the best part of Albuquerque was Albuquerque.

“[Albuquerque] became a character in Breaking Bad,” Gilligan said. “It continues to be integral to the movie El Camino.” This gripping thriller is produced by Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein, Charles Newirth, Diane Mercer, Vince Gilligan, and Aaron Paul, in association with Sony Pictures Television.

“You’ll see a whole lot of Albuquerque,” Gilligan said of the movie. Check out Gilligan’s full interview below.

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