Where to Buy Locally Made Cloth Face Masks

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, face masks are required for people going about their day-to-day business to help slow the spread of the virus. Masks are helpful in keeping people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. You don’t need the fancy, expensive N95 masks that nurses and doctors wear; you can get by with hand-made cloth masks or even just a bandana to protect those that you come into contact with.

Do your part to support local, homegrown businesses while keeping your community safe! Here are some local businesses where you can purchase face masks.

Ora Louise Boutique

Ora Louise Boutique is a Native American owned and operated jewelry shop based in Albuquerque. It is owned by Hillary Frost who is an enrolled member of the Southern Ute Tribe. The influence of Southern Ute culture can be seen in the work at Ora Louise Boutique, their masks incorporate stunning colors and patterns. Shop here.

Brotique 505

Brotique 505, a shop located at Green Jeans Farmery which features made in New Mexico brands carries a variety of mask styles which can be ordered online or purchased in store. Visit the Brotique 505 website here

Kei & Molly Textiles

Kei & Molly is a local business committed to creating good jobs for immigrants and refugees in our community. Kei & Molly textiles use only water-based, eco-friendly inks and 100% natural fibers. Sew your own Kei & Molly face mask! Their Face Mask Sewing Kit includes fabric, twill tape straps, and sewing and wearing instructions. Find an instruction video on the home page with easy step-by-step instructions that you can follow. Order here

Already have a Kei & Molly dish towel you’d prefer to use instead? Here are instructions for turning it into a mask.

The ABQ Collective

Multiple vendors at the ABQ Collective are selling masks in different styles and sizes. Visit website


Stitchology is selling a kit which contains all the fabric and directions to make 1 fitted face mask with knit ribbon ties, you provide the thread and sewing machine. The fabric comes in 6 colorful patterns and is available in 3 sizes. Order here

UNM Bookstorees

Help protect the pack with a Lobo face mask. Masks can be ordered online or purchased in store. Visit website

Meagan Swari (@ bandit.masks.505)

Meagan Swari started making masks to help frontline workers but time is of the essence in flattening the curve here in New Mexico and it’s obvious regular folks need masks too. Swari is here to give you fast masks. Sizes for larger faces and children available and customizable options.

Message Meagan’s Instagram page, Facebook page or email bandit.masks.dukecity@gmail.com to order.

Mimi Green

Mimi Green is a NM business which focuses on producing high quality, handmade dog accessories like collars & leashes. The business has recently shifted to producing facemarks in fun prints like paisley, animal print and geometric designs. Mimi Green strives to pay their workers a living wage, are committed to keeping their production in the USA and are family owned and operated since 2007.

Visit their website here

Sew Minimal

Kelly Colleen, owner of Sew Minimal, utilizes uses or discarded materials from second hand stores to create unique, sustainable, and affordable fashion and accessories as an alternative to the “fast” fashion industry. Masks available at the Sew Minimal website and at Durans Pharmacy.

Candace’s Craft Corner

Candace is a local artisan who makes 505 inspired vinyl decals, earrings, paper art, custom t-shirts, and much more! Visit her Etsy store to shop her handmade masks.

Zoe Zou

Zoe Zou specializes in sewing repairs on outdoor gear — outerwear, tents, sleeping bags, and packs. Zoe recognized the need for masks and began making them to sell and using the money to make more masks to donate. So far Zoe has donated to local shelters, hospitals and healthcare workers. Get a customized mask by choosing your pattern & colors on here website!

Visit Zoe’s website here

Sew Minimal

Sew Minimal utilizes discarded materials from second hand stores such as fabric scraps and trimmings, t-shirts, bedding, or curtains to create unique, sustainable, and affordable fashion and accessories as an alternative to the “fast” fashion industry that is so detrimental to the environment and perpetuates inhumane labor practices. Each Sew Minimal piece is a one of a kind creation and their face masks are no different. Shop Sew Minimal Masks here

Operation Maskup

Tony Palumbo, a former nurse, and other volunteers in Las Cruces began making masks for the elderly, but they quickly noticed the need went beyond just seniors. The group based is now sewing and manufacturing cotton face masks free of charge to anyone in need and they are funded solely by donations.

To order a mask and see how you can support them, visit their website.

Organ Mountain Outfitters

Every purchase of a mask from Organ Mountain Outfitters, a Las Cruces based organization, donates a lunch to New Mexico Public Schools. Over 100,000 lunches donated and counting. Shop Organ Mountain masks here

Adal Yay

Native owned and operated small business, Adal Yay creates masks in vibrant colors with four sizes available. Shop here

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