At Home Activities for Families

For most of us, our everyday lives have changed in a big way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay active and learn new skills while we adjust to the new norm. We’re focused on helping you find positive, meaningful ways to spend this time. Fortunately, our local organizations are stepping up with lots of at-home activities to keep your family engaged, learning and having fun!

Ready to get busy? Here are some fun, inspiring and engaging family-friendly things you can dive in to right now.

Are you an educator looking for online resources? Visit the ABQ-BeroCo Library page for teachers

Go on a Summer Scavenger Hunt with the Museum of Natural History & Science

Join the Museum in going on a Summer Scavenger Hunt to find different consumer animals!

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Make Your Own Slime with Explora

Experiment with different types of non-Newtonian fluids using simple household ingredients!

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Try Can Activism with the Albuquerque Museum

CAN ACTIVISM is art made of recycled cans with a positive message. The art can be in the form of words, visual designs, or a combination of both. These elements can be nailed onto poles, wooden fences, or movable wooden panels. From my experience, you can expect well-nailed cans to last well over a year outdoors.

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Take a Tour of Heritage Park with the National Museum of Nuclear Science

Jennifer Hayden presents the outdoor artifacts of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Get to know The Planes, The Tower and The Submarine that reside at Heritage Park.

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Print out Coloring Pages from the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

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Learn About Geocaching with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

Geocaching is a world wide scavenger hunt that can take you into the back country or even just your back yard!

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Create a Free Form Face with the Albuquerque Museum

Create a humorous portrait—no drawing skills required! Add a decorative frame to make your portrait display-ready.

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Make Ice Cream in a Bag with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Using a little bit of science, some household items, as well as some serious shaking, you can make your own creamy summer treat!

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Learn About the Life Zones of The Sandia Mountains

The diversity of New Mexico is on full display as we explore the 6 life zones of the Sandia Mountains. In the 40 mile journey from the the New Mexico Museum of Natural History to Sandia Crest you’ll pass through the same amount of life zones as a 1,500 mile journey from San Diego to British Columbia. Join us for this fun trip!

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Create Your Own Amulet Necklace with the International Folk Art Museum

Amulets are used for protection, as a charm, and to fulfill wishes. Ex-votos or votive offerings or milagros (Spanish for miracle) are presented as gifts in gratitude for answered prayers or as a method of divine assistance. Amulets, milagros and ex-votos have been used by people from many cultures world-wide during rites of passage such as birth, marriage, pregnancy, baptism and adulthood.

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Get to Know the Tyrannosaurs of New Mexico with the Museum of Natural History.

Fossils of tyrannosaurs—Tyrannosaurus rex and its relatives—have been discovered at several places around New Mexico. Learn all about the giants that roamed our state in Cretaceous period.

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Take a Hip Hop Dance class with Keshet

Younger dancers (ages 4 to 7) can adapt this online class instruction to warm up their body, learn body isolation’s and a short hip hop combination with Miss Alana. No experience necessary, however it is important that you listen to your body and never do something that hurts. Have fun dancing and revisit the video over and over!

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Meet the New Mars 2020 Rover with Los Alamos National Lab

The new Mars rover, Perseverance, launches in July of 2020. The mission of this new rover is several-fold. Its primary and unique purpose is to collect samples that a future spacecraft can return to Earth. Every time a rover goes to Mars, it just stays there, with no way to fly back home. So we have never brought rock or soil samples back from Mars. This new mission proposes to change that.

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Create a Kinetic Sculpture with the Albuquerque Museum

Kinetic art depends on motion for its effects. In this project, create a kinetic sculpture animating the facial features of either yourself or a family member. This project has many steps so you can easily assign different parts of the project to others and make it a true family project!

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Take a Tour of the Botanic Garden with Resident Geese

Take a virtual tour of the BioPark Botanic Garden led by the geese who live there!

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Create a Scientific Illustration with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Slowing down and taking some time for self care with “Stop and Sketch” Join Natural History Illustrator, Matt Celeskey, as he walks you through the process of scientific illustration using photographs from our collections.

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Create a Sewn Story with the Museum of International Folk Art

The Museum of International Folk Art has a special exhibit that looks at how communities across different continents told stories in difficult times. Each community used embroidery, quilting and applique to share what was hard, special, or important to them, or what they wanted to remember about their homes, families, and communities. This guide shows you how to create your own!

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Learn Some Wild and Wacky Bird Facts with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

Join the Center as they do some bird watching and learn some crazy facts about the birds they find!

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Make Whole Wheat Tortillas with Kids Cook!

Learn how to make delicious, nutritious whole wheat tortillas the Kids Cook way!

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Get Moving with a Western Warmup from NDI NM

Emma from the National Dance Institute of NM takes you through a fun Cowboy and Cowgirl warm-up!

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Learn About Tree Rings with Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

This quick trip will demonstrate using an increment borer to be able to look at growth rings on a live Ponderosa Pine tree. Learn why the rings are made and what they can tell us about the tree and its environment. Then look at and draw tree rings you find.

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Create a Modernist Bird Mobile with the Albuquerque Museum

American Artist Charlie Harper is best known for his stylized wildlife prints and illustrations. Make a bird mobile inspired by the artist and the birds in your backyard.

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Conduct an Air Pressure Experiment with the Balloon Museum

Air and its particles are crashing into us all of the time. What we call air pressure is the force of these particles hitting a surface. This experiment demonstrates how air pressure works by blowing up a balloon inside of a bottle.

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Explore Folk Art around the World with the Museum of International Folk Art

The museum’s holdings represent diverse cultures and constitute the largest collection of international folk art in the world. The core collection donated by museum founder Florence Dibell Bartlett and representing 34 countries has grown to a collection of over 130,000 objects from more than 100 countries.

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Learn About the Penguins at the Zoo with the BioPark Society

The health and well-being of each animal is highest priority at the Zoo. In this video, host Tim Van Loan shares the different training techniques used to check the feet of our macaroni, gentoo, and king penguins that call Penguin Chill home. Lights, camera, action!

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Make Paper Beads with the Museum of International Folk Art

Beads are used around the world in a variety of ways and for different reasons. They range in shape and size and can be made from glass, plastic, metal, cloth, shell, stones, even paper! In some communities, beads are used at important moments in life and can represent passages such as birth, becoming an adult, marriage, and death—or power and status. Each cultural tradition has color preferences and its own designs and beading techniques.

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Watch Fractal Zooms with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Here are some classic fractal zooms from the Fractal Foundation. These are presented from the actual animations shown on the planetarium’s round dome, so the videos only require the middle of your screen. Always remember, fractals are SMART – Science, Math, and Art!

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Create your own Composter with the ABQ BioPark

There are many ways to create compost. One is vermicomposting. Worms and other invertebrates are the decomposers breaking down the organic matter. Another type, which we will be making today, is aerobic compost. As microorganisms break down the organic matter, it will get hot in the middle. Bugs can still be found on the outside and edges of an aerobic compost pile. This session introduces you to composting and how food scraps contribute to rich soil composition. You then will be able to incorporate into daily routine contributing food scraps to a family compost.

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Make a Sun Catcher with the Albuquerque Museum

Celebrate the arrival of the monsoon season by creating a sun catcher inspired by the stormy skies.

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Create Khamsa Amulets with the Museum of International Folk Art

Hands are symbols of strength and power. Around the world hands are also seen as a sign of welcome, protection, and blessing. Khamsas are amulets, or good luck charms, in the form of a hand. They originated in Morocco and spread among Mediterranean cultures.

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Conduct an Insect Hunt with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

Bugs are a vital part of the ecosystem and they are all around us. Join us as we explore ways to find these fascinating creatures.

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Learn About the Reptiles at the Zoo with the NM BioPark Society

In this episode of “Your Dose of Vitamin Z,” host Tim Van Loan takes us into the ABQ BioPark Zoo reptile building to show us how these keepers adjust their training techniques to care for reptiles of all shapes and sizes.

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Make your own Board Game with the Albuquerque Museum

Nothing brings families and friends together more than a good, old-fashioned board game. This game from the shuffleboard family is played in pubs primarily in United Kingdom. Two players or two teams compete using pennies.

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Conduct a Screeching Balloon Demo with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Do you want to make a balloon scream? Follow these directions and then experiment on your own!

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Create Mini Paper Flowers with the Albuquerque Museum

Make a beautiful paper flower or a whole bouquet from materials you have at home.

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Meet the Gondolas at the Balloon Museum Collections

To many, gondola may be associated with a romantic boat ride in Venice, but if you’re from the Land of Enchantment you may envision a wicker & light wood basket that connects to a hot air balloon.

Join the Balloon Museum as they go on a tour of the multiple balloon basket gondola’s in this Meet the Collections episode.

Take the tour here!

Conduct a String Cup Phone Experiment with the Santa Fe Children’s Museum

Did you know that the speed of sound is 767 miles per hour? This experiment demonstrates how to make a phone with just two cups and a string. Asis and Dylan walk you through materials and steps needed to build your own telephone in this new series from the Santa Fe Children’s Museum.

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Learn About Monarch Butterflies with New Mexico PBS

Stunningly beautiful and threatened: the monarch butterfly in New Mexico. “We need all the different pieces of our ecosystem. Monarchs are a very obvious one and we need them because that ecosystem supports us physically. It also supports us spiritually.”~Steve Cary, Author of Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico

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Get Moving with a Jazz Warmup with NDI NM

Get moving with this short jazz warm-up series with Donna, an instructor with the National Dance Institute of New Mexico.

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Watch an At-Home Concert by Albuquerque Singer Songwriter Kevin Harig

Albuquerque based singer-songwriter Kevin Harig performs a concert in his home and is joined virtually with guests for Kevin and Friends House Show.

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Learn About Minerals with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Minerals are the building blocks of rocks. Rocks are made up of minerals, just as buildings are made from bricks (or adobes). There are about 5000 known minerals, with about 20 new ones discovered each year. However, only about 50 common minerals form all of the rocks on Earth.

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Published Monday, June 8:

Go on an Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

Explore a natural area using the scavenger hunt cards and record what you find. Hone your observation skills and see the diversity of a natural area.

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Make a Colorful Mobile with the Albuquerque Museum

Make a colorful Spring Mobile to celebrate the arrival of spring!

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Meet Explorer Louise Boyd with the Balloon Museum

Louise Arner Boyd was once the world’s leading female Arctic explorers and geographers. Boyd was showered with honors by five countries, and her scientific accomplishments and daring exploits earned her newspaper headlines and global renown.

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Learn about Mushrooms with The Children’s Hour Radio

This episode of The Children’s Hour explores mushrooms with mycology educator and author, Peter McCoy. Learn about how the fruits of fungi are the smallest parts of these incredible organisms, which can be found everywhere in nature from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the sea, and how they are a part of all living and dead creatures on Earth.

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Learn about Atoms with the National Museum of Nuclear Science

A short lesson on what an atom is and its structure plus a hands on activity for all school levels!

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Take a Backstage Tour of the BUGarium with the NM BioPark Society

Host Tim Van Loan shows us how entomologist staff cares for some of the smallest residents at the BioPark.

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Published Tuesday, June 2:

Grow Crystals with the New Mexico Natural History Museum

Salt is an naturally-occurring mineral and a chemical compound with amazing properties which enable salt to be used in everything from preserving food to making it taste better. This super-easy recipe gives you a cup full of needle-like Epsom salt crystals in just a few days!

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Learn about día de los Muertos Traditions with KUNM

The celebration of El día de los Muertos is time for a feast that honors the lives of ancestors with arcs of brightly colored marigolds, candlelight processions, reverance and offerings, deeply grounded in cultural heritage. Visit the celebration through the eyes of photographer Ann Murdy who just published “On the path of Marigolds. Living traditions of México´s Day of the Dead.”

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Make a Hand Shaped Amulet with the Albuquerque Museum

In North Africa and the Middle East, dating back to the 7th century, people of all faiths have used hand shaped amulets called “Hamsa” to offer protection to ward off danger. In this project create your own amulet using tin foil.

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Learn About Southern White Rhinos with the NM BioPark Society

Behavior and Enrichment Manager Tim Van Loan gives us an exclusive look at a training session with BioPark white rhinos Chopper and Bertha, and he explains how their specially designed barn provides a safe space to care for these African animals.

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Learn a Simmer and Boil Game with NDI NM

Hannah teaches us how to get our heart rates up while making some stew!

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Make Tea Bag Rockets with the National Museum of Nuclear Science

Tea Bag Rockets are a fun way to explore science at home. This activity does involve fire. Always be careful when using fire. Take all safety precautions and be sure to have an adult to help you, they may even have fun!

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Make a Leaf Rubbing with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

Leaf rubbing is a fun art project and a great way to learn your local tree species!

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Published Tuesday, May 26:

Learn About Capulin Volcano with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

The Raton-Clayton volcanic field (RCVF) is a large, young volcanic field covering nearly 7500 square miles of northeastern New Mexico. The best-known feature is Capulin volcano, a classic cinder cone volcano that is a National Monument. Capulin was once believed to be as young as 11,000 years old; however, recent geological studies have dated it at 56,000 to 62,000 years!

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Make a Soap Powered Boat with the Albuquerque Library

The key to making this project work is surface tension. Soap is a surfactant – that just means that it breaks down the surface tension of the water. As the surface tension is broken up, it creates enough of a force to push the lightweight boat across the surface!

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Meet Mari-Luci Jaramillo: First Latina Ambassador Of The US with KUNM

On KUNM’s Espejos de Aztlán, learn about the life and contributions of Dr. Mari-Luci Jaramillo. A native of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Jaramilllo advocated for civil rights and became the first Latina to hold a United States ambassadorship.

Listen here!

Make a Raised Salt Painting with the Nuclear Science Museum

Hop aboard the STEAM train with a simple painting activity for kids, all you need is a little imagination, glue, and salt! Salt has the ability to absorb moisture from its surroundings, which is what makes it a good preservative. This property of absorption is called hygroscopic, which means that salt can absorbs both liquid water and water vapor in the air. This activity demonstrates how salt absorbs a watercolor mixture to create a fun, 3D effect painting!

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Create a New Mexican Tinwork Frame with the Albuquerque Museum

Ornamental tinwork originated in New Mexico during the mid-19th century as food products in tin cans arrived through the Santa Fe Trail. Its development was a result of the limited availability of materials in the region.

As people in New Mexico had limited access to material for artmaking, containers that once held products like coffee, lard, and kerosene were repurposed into picture frames, nichos, candle sconces, and more. You can create your own version of New Mexican tinwork at home using aluminum foil.

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Take a Virtual Stroll Through the Japanese Garden with the BioPark Society

We could all use a little respite and relaxation from time to time and the Japanese Garden is just that. The four-acre garden was designed and created in honor of Albuquerque’s sister city, Sasebo, Japan. Host Tim Van Loan takes a moment to introduce you to one of our many spots of tranquility at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, and then we’re off for a peaceful stroll.

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Watch an At Home Concert by Keith Sanchez with Cultural Services

Keith Sanchez is a New Mexico based singer, song writer, lyricist and guitarist.

Listen here!

Published Tuesday, May 19:

Take a Tour of the Albuquerque Museum Exhibit Let The Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In captures life in Albuquerque from 1968-1972 through street photography. Visit the e-Museum to see 35 mm slides from the collection.

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Create a Wind Powered Car with the Albuquerque Library

With a few simple tools you can design and build a toy car powered by the wind in this fun engineering project! When moving air pushes on your car’s sail it exerts force on the sail, which is what pushes the car forward.

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Play a Verbal Cues Movement Game with the National Dance Institute of NM

Jessie and friends from NDI NM show us some Verbal Cues!

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Learn About Leaves with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

This segment of the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center’s virtual field trip focuses on leaves: their types, characteristics, and purpose. After some time in the field, students go to the lab to learn how to process leaves.

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Conduct a Rainbow Density Experiment with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

This fun science experiment explores the differences in density. By increasing the amount of sugar in a water solution but keeping the amount of water constant, you create solutions that have increasing densities. The more sugar you mix into the same amount of water, the higher the density of the mixture.

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Watch a Live Performance from ¡Globalquerque! 2019

Mdou Moctar, a group from Niger, performs on the Plaza Mayor on the campus of the National Hispanic Cultural Center as part of ¡Globalquerque! – New Mexico’s 15th Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture.

Watch and listen here!

Explore the Minge Collection at Casa San Ysidro

Get a behind-the-scenes look at six histories and anecdotes collected from docent knowledge about the Minge collection at Casa San Ysidro. Learn about the Priest’s Chair with Linda Tigges, the Outhouse in the Corral with Karen McSorley, the Pitchfork in the Stone Barn with Carla Wright, the Colcha with Jo Morris, the Tin Nicho with Glynda Samford, and the Zaguán Portones with Dave Furbush.

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Published Monday, May 11:

Learn About Atomic Advertising with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

In the 20th Century, radiation was associated with the future of health and wellness as well as modernity and technology. As both the patent medicine and advertising industries thrived and grew in the decades leading up to the Second World War, the popularity and use of radium and other radioactive materials, such as thorium and polonium, flourished. This exhibition demonstrates the ever-changing public attitudes towards atomic thought over the course of the 20th Century and first decade of the 21st Century through the reflective lens of advertising and packaging.

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Learn About Scat with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

While hiking the trails of the Sandia Mountains, we often come across animal evidence. In this video, examine a variety of animal scat samples to learn about our “neighbears” and other mountain friends. Learn how to make model scat representing a variety of local animals with those creature’s diets in mind.

Learn something here!

Watch an At Home Concert by La Wren with Cultural Services

Listen to a variety of original music by Albuquerque-based Lauren Dekleva, La Wren. La Wren is an independent pop rock artist singer/songwriter, instrumentalist who’s music tells stories of searching, heartbreak, love and resiliency.

Listen here!

Take a Tour of the No Way But My Own Art Exhibit at the South Broadway Cultural Center

The exhibit features artwork by Paloma Nava, Helen Tindel, Jodie Herrera Art and Helen “Mooxie” Montgomery. Take a look at the beautiful pieces and listen to the artist recount their creative journeys.

Take the tour here!

Learn How to Make Stuffed Sopaipillas with Three Sisters Kitchen

Sharing culinary traditions is an important part of building healthy communities. In the Cooking for Generations: Stories of Tradition and Love from New Mexico Kitchens series, young filmmakers connect with home cooks to celebrate the diverse food traditions and tell the stories of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. In this episode, Tina Garcia-Shams shares how she makes stuffed sopaipillas.

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Make a 3D Paper Character with the Albuquerque Museum

Explore the world of 3D using simple materials around your home. Create a character expressing your different moods or the faces of your family, friends or neighbors!

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Check out the National Hispanic Cultural Center Exhibit ¡Aquí Estamos: The Heart of Arte!

Take a tour of selections from the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum’s permanent collection, which contains approximately 2500 artworks created by Hispanic, Chicana/o, and Latina/o, artists from around the globe. Each artwork reflects the diversity of the Latina/o experience in all of its vibrancy, pointed humor, creativity, and social consciousness.

Start the tour here!

Published Monday, May 4:

Create Radical Abstract Designs with the Albuquerque Museum

Radial designs move from the center to the edge of a circle. In this project, words and color form the basis for the design. Watch your words transform into a beautiful abstract artwork before your eyes.

Get creative here!

Learn About Humble Organisms of the BioPark with the NM BioPark Society

As you know, the ABQ BioPark cares for all types of living species – animals, bugs, fish, and plants alike. Host Tim Van Loan gives us an in-depth look at one of the BioPark’s lesser known organisms, and even though it may seem unremarkable to us, it provides extraordinary benefits.

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Watch Our Fair New Mexico, A Virtual Concert from the National Hispanic Cultural Center

This virtual concert series features musician Otilio Ruiz, who has been playing music since the age of 13, and is a former member of the international companies Tlen-Huicani. Ruiz currently teaches at Albuquerque Public Schools and is the musical director of La Rondalla de Alburquerque. His family is working together to bring jarocho music from Veracruz, Mexico, to new generations.

Watch & listen here!

Learn a Mirror Game Warmup with the National Dance Institute of NM

Melissa is the leader and you are the “mirror.” The leader makes simple gestures or movements and the “mirror” duplicates the leader’s movements exactly – just as a mirror would!

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Get to Know Artist Amanda Beardsley with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Amanda’s artwork combines traditional Native American themes with contemporary objects, and speaks to a wide audience. Some of her artwork contrasts traditional settings with modern objects that accompany our lives and emphasize our traditional values and the acceptance of change.

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Conduct an Invisible Soda Experiment with The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

This quick and fun experiment only requires 2 ingredients!

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Learn About Animal Skulls with the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

Take a look at a variety of skulls from animals native to the Sandia Mountains. We can learn a lot about an animal by closely studying the unique attributes and structure of their individual skulls!

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Published Monday, April 27:

Explore the Albuquerque Museum sculpture collection

The Albuquerque Museum sculpture collection includes works of art by many of the most important sculptors of the American Southwest. Indoor and outdoor sculptures featured.

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Test the strength of spaghetti noodles with the Balloon Museum

STEM Lab Friday demos from the @balloonmuseum – We're testing the strength of spaghetti noodles. How many pounds can you get up to before your noodles snap?#STEMEducation

Posted by Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum on Friday, April 24, 2020

Test the strength of spaghetti noodles! How many pounds can you get up to before your noodles snap?

Participate in the Harwood Art Center’s community art project

The Harwood’s community art collaboration is a fun and easy project called “Safety Net”. Safety Net is a large cloth assembled from hexagons made by you and others across our city using whatever materials you have available at home!

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Learn to become a citizen scientist with the BioPark

You don’t have to be wearing a lab coat or safety goggles to be a scientist. You can contribute to the scientific community right from your own backyard! Discover the importance of citizen science, learn about what the ABQ BioPark does for our community, and investigate how you can partake and contribute to citizen science.

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Learn about the history of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is the inspiring cornerstone of what has grown from a single building into the thriving business and cultural corridor of the 19 Pueblos District in the heart of Albuquerque. IPCC opened its doors in the summer of 1976. The same year the United States was celebrating its 200th birthday, the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico were celebrating something far older—Pueblo culture.

Learn more here!

Create your own dinosaur dig with the NM Natural History Museum

Grab your toy tools, paintbrushes, toothbrushes or any other tools you think could be used to dig & make your very own “dinosaur dig” to excavate at home!

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Make a seed bomb with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

This fun project requires compost or fertilizer, clay or clay powder, seeds, and water. Mash it all together, let it dry and toss your seed bomb!

Watch the video here!

Published Monday, April 20:

Create a Rain Cloud with the Balloon Museum

Create a colorful rain cloud with three simple supplies: a jar, shaving cream and food coloring! This experiment simulates rain clouds by creating an environment in which the water acts as air, and the shaving cream acts as the clouds and as the clouds get saturated with water (food coloring), they produce colorful rain!

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Make an Eclipse with the NM Museum of Natural History & Science

Learn how to make your own scale total solar and lunar eclipse at home using common household supplies!
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Learn about the Lovelace Astronaut Program with the Albuquerque Museum

On this episode of Picture This, take a look at Albuquerque’s place in the history of spaceflight and what it took to become one of the first NASA astronauts. In the Photo Archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph showing two candidates for NASA’s Mercury Program wearing space suits and standing outside of a room at Lovelace Clinic.

Watch the video here!

Learn how to make Oven Bread with Three Sisters Kitchen

Three Sisters Kitchen believes that sharing culinary traditions are an important part of building healthy communities. In their Cooking for Generations: Stories of Tradition and Love from New Mexico Kitchens documentary film series, young filmmakers connect with home cooks to celebrate the diverse food traditions found in our beautiful state, and tells the stories of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. In this episode, Margaret Jaramillo discusses making traditional Indian bread in an outdoor oven.

Watch the video here!

Learn about Pueblo Cultural Dance with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Since time immemorial, Pueblo communities have celebrated seasonal cycles through prayer, song, and dance. These dances connect us to our ancestors, community, and traditions while honoring gifts from our Creator. They ensure that life continues, and that connections to the past and future are reinforced.

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Take a tour of The Jim Henson Exhibition

The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited is a dynamic visitor experience exploring Jim Henson’s groundbreaking work for film and television and his transformative impact on popular culture. Take a tour through the exhibition with Brian Jay Jones, author of Jim Henson: The Biography and explore the visionary entertainer’s work.

Take the tour here!

Learn Pre-Ballet Stretches with the National Dance Institute of NM

Instructor Kim leads us through some stretches and barre exercises!

Get moving here!

Published Monday, April 13:

Color the Albuquerque Museum’s Collections

Learn about the art and history of our community. The Albuquerque Museum has put together some free to download coloring pages of some of the most popular objects from their collection. Recreate the original or use your imagination to make it your own!

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Learn Hip Hop Flash Mob Choreography with NDI NM

Join Jessie from the National Dance Institute of NM as she leads a review of NDI’s flash mob choreography from Dance-A-Thon 2019! Submit a video of yourself dancing to

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Watch a Virtual Concert with Cultural Services

Enjoy the bluesy tunes of local band, the Julian Dossett Quintet as they entertain you from their living room.

Watch the video here!

Build A Marble-ous Maze with Explora

Before your marble starts rolling through your maze, it has potential energy. When your marble starts to roll, the potential energy becomes kinetic (or motion) energy. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms. This means the amount of energy your marble has is constant, but it can change from potential to kinetic or other forms of energy.

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Iodine Clock Reaction Experiment with the Museum of Nuclear Science

Use just three household items, Vitamin C, iodine and water to create a timed reaction! Introduce variables like temperature, ratios and and time to experiment with math and basic chemistry principles.

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Learn About River Otters with the ABQ BioPark

Otters are playful little critters that are often found living near wetlands and generally seen in freshwater but also in saltwater bodies. Learn how river otters have adapted to being in water, which habitats they live in and how we can help river otters thrive! Plus, build a river otter habitat in your home!

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Learn Flamenco with the National Institute of Flamenco

The mission of the National Institute of Flamenco is to preserve and promote flamenco’s artistry, history, and culture by presenting the finest flamenco in the world and by educating families in the art form while emphasizing the positive influence of art on family and community.

The institute is currently offering online classes on a pay-what-you-will basis! A wide range of classes are help on Monday-Saturday at various times.

View the schedule here!

Published Monday, April 6:

Build a Balloon Hovercraft with Explora

Hovercrafts are unique because they can glide over any flat surface, whether it’s land or water!

How do they work? Hovercrafts move by gliding over a cushion of air, which is created by fans at the back of the hovercraft. A mechanism underneath the hovercraft (also known as a ‘skirt’) traps the air, which causes the hovercraft to rise up. Fans and an engine then push the vehicle forward.

In the project at the link below, you’ll make a hovercraft that’s propelled by a balloon rather than a fan. The air from the balloon creates the cushion which allows the hovercraft to glide.

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Create Flying Orbs with the ABQ-BernCo Public Library

Sharpen your levitation skills with electrostatic repulsion! In the video below, Josh shows how to create a flying orb using aluminum foil, tape, scissors, and styrofoam. This levitation works by placing a negative charge into a piece of styrofoam and positively charging a piece of aluminum!

Watch the video here!

Take a Virtual Tour of the Albuquerque Museum

Thanks to the folks at 360pindrop, you can virtually walk through the permanent collection galleries at Albuquerque Museum!

Click this link and you’re in!

Learn a Song & Dance with the National Dance Institute of NM

NDI instructor Allegra leads a joyful Creative Movement song and dance class for Early Learners, pre-K through 2nd grade. Fun for the whole family to join!

Watch the video here!

Jam Out to a Playlist of Local Bands with Cultural Services

Listen to a playlist featuring tunes from over a dozen great, local bands! Listen here.

Learn to make blue corn tamales with Three Sisters Kitchen

Three Sisters Kitchen believes that sharing culinary traditions is an important part of building healthy communities. In their Cooking for Generations: Stories of Tradition and Love from New Mexico Kitchens documentary film series, young filmmakers connect with home cooks to celebrate the diverse food traditions found in our beautiful state, and tells the stories of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. In this episode, Kyle Pacheco discusses making blue corn tamales.

Take the Backyard Biodiversity Challenge with the Natural History Museum

Join the Bioscience Department of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science on a virtual field trip. The challenge is to find, identify, and share at least 10 species from your backyard or local area! Get started here.

Discover murals in your neighborhood with Muros ABQ

Throughout our vibrant city you’ll see our diverse culture expressed not just through the color of our skin, but through the color on our walls. Take a journey into the heart of who we are and discover the murals of Albuquerque – right in your neighborhood! Use this map to get started.

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