Albuquerque Funny Fiesta Debuting this Summer

A Comedy Festival with performances by comedic artists from Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Portland, and Chicago is coming to the Guild Cinema in Nob Hill this June.

The Funny Fiesta, created and produced by Arts Hub will feature stand-up, sketch, improv, magic, music, a live pod cast, film, and visual artists from across the country. It is a jam-packed weekend of uproarious and hilarious entertainment celebrating comedians from Albuquerque and those across the country with more than 25 acts. The Guild is a classic Nob Hill performance space that’ll allow for live performance, digital media, and visual arts displays.

Headliners include stand-up comedians Sarah Kennedy (New York/Albuquerque), Kristal Adams (Rialto, CA), sketch comedy from Blackout Theatre (Albuquerque), and improv from The Show (Albuquerque) and the One Night Stanleys (Albuquerque).

Left to right: Blackout Cheap Date, Rusty Rutherford, Kristal Adams

The Funny Fiesta is crafted to be an eclectic mix of performances that highlights the many ways that performers and artists can be funny. Blackout Theatre is a local legend when it comes to sketch comedy, producing sketches that highlight the quirks of Burqueños. They are also well-known for their viral videos, Sh*t Burqeunos Say, which have over 2 million views.

The One Night Stanleys and The Show Courtesy of The Box have produced some of the most consistently funny improv in Albuquerque over the last decade, each drawing large crowds to their spontaneous and hilarious productions. Kristal Adams has performed in the SF Sketchfest, is the creator/host of the Too Sensitive for Comedy Podcast, and will be featured in season two of Amazon’s Laugh After Dark series. Sarah Kennedy is an Albuquerque native who moved to New York and has been featured on MTV, The Today Show, and has performed in festivals across the country.

Left to right: Sarah Mowrey, Mary Jane French, Bryan Lambe

Of the 25 performers, 18 currently live in or are from the Duke City. The mix of performers means there is something for everyone to enjoy. Audiences will have the opportunity to purchase single show tickets for $10 or a three show pass for $25 to save some cash.

Find more information at this link. Tickets now on sale at


Friday, June 14th

Kick-Off Comedy, 6 – 7:30, Hosted by Kendra Jean Brand
Ann Gora
Tyler Jackson
Bryan Lambe
Lydia Manning
Fill & Wes
Royal Wood
Greg Ziomek
Melissa Eslinger

Long-Form Improv, 8 – 8:45pm
The One Night Stanleys

Out-of Towners Stand-Up, 9 – 9:45pm, Hosted by Mary Byrd
Sarah Mowrey
Mary Jane French
Carolyn Bergier

Saturday, June 15th

Funny Fiesta Short Film Festival, 4 – 4:45pm
Blackout Cheap Date
Siren 13 Media
Match Match: Promo and Russ T.
Offset Webseries
Match Match: Naat Aasha
Blackout Burito
Good Buddy
Match Match Snatch Snatch: Tate

Podcast, 5 – 5:45pm
Spec Script

Short-Form Improv, 6 – 6:45pm
The Show Courtesy of The Box

Sketch, 7 – 7:45pm
Blackout Sketch Show

Sarah Kennedy Headliner Stand-up, 8 – 8:45pm
Mary Byrd
Sarah Kennedy

Kristal Adams Headliner Stand-Up, 9 – 9:45pm
Rusty Rutherford
Kristal Adams

The Blue Show, 10-11:30pm, Hosted by Sarah K.
Lydia Manning
Ann Gora
Bryan Lambe
The Show
Blackout Sketch
Sarah Mowry
Kristal Adams
Kendra Jean Brand
Mary Jane French
Carolyn Bergier

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