Abram Garcia

Actor, Author / Writer, Composer, Dancer, Director, Film Maker, Musician, Poet, Producer, Singer

Raised in the state fair district out side of a burrow called the war zone on central off Louisiana on Chama and trumbbel .albuquerque nm grew up hard Knox gangsta crip east side rolling forty crip starting writing poetry to express myself ended up writing dope rhymes on sick drum kicks with a bass I…more

Adrian Graphics

Film Maker, Visual Artist: Drawing Illustration, Visual Artist: Mixed Media, Visual Artist: Print / Digital Art / Graphic Design

Since the age of 4 years old ,before I even realized I was an artist ,my parents noticed my affinity toward drawing. Since that time my love for art has only gained significantly. That passion carried me until my beginning years as videographer and graphic designer, where I won my first award in junior year…more

Amy M. Ditto

Visual Artist: Photography, Visual Artist: Print / Digital Art / Graphic Design

How to communicate the subdued pleasantness of a perfect summer day, the internal quiet of a sunset, or the sound of leaves crackling underfoot? These are experiences that we take for granted, the essence of which, if distilled, should impart the essential pleasure of that perfect light, a scent in the air, the sound of…more

Angela Berkson

Visual Artist: Painting

Angela Berkson grew up in Albuquerque, went to art school in Los Angeles, New York and Texas, but returned to her home-town to paint and exhibit her work. Berkson’s primary medium is encaustic, which is an ancient wax-based painting medium. Berkson’s work explores the impact of universal symbols, combining abstract formal imagery in unexpected ways…more

Barbara Andrews

Musician, Singer, Visual Artist: Painting, Visual Artist: Print / Digital Art / Graphic Design

Barbara Andrews, principal of IMD Artist, is a professional mural artist, graphic design artist, videographer/editor, and recording artist. She holds an Associate Degree in Graphic Arts Communications from Al Collins Graphic Design School in Tempe, AZ. Over the past 15 years Ms. Andrews has provided billboard design for Olson AdCom in Scottsdale, AZ; advertising design…more

Ben Harrison

Visual Arts, Mixed Media, Murals, Painting, Visual Artist: Mixed Media, Visual Artist: Painting

I create works on wood panel, canvas, and paper using paint, charcoal, stencils, and comic books as collage.

Brandon Call

Author / Writer

Need an experienced copywriter? I’m your guy. I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years. I’m an award-winning travel journalist. My day job is managing a community arts calendar. I have marketing expertise. I’ve edited theses. I’ve penned government grants and small business proposals. I can do feature-length or punchy, one-line treatments. I’m adept at scientific,…more

Brandy Sullivan

Author / Writer

I’m currently embarking on a new journey to help moms work from home to earn a stable income and learn how to manage their own business, market their brand, advertise using social media & time management skills. There are so many ways to make money without leaving the house and taking our kids to daycare…more

Carla Forrest

Visual Artist: Painting

New Mexico artist Carla Forrest provides an exciting vision of the Southwest through her contemporary works, painted alla prima from direct observation of nature and life. She obtained her Bachelor in studio art from State University of New York and Masters from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her works are shown at Purple Sage Galeria, Plein…more

Carmen Cuevas de Marquez

Visual Artist: Photography, Visual Artist: Print / Digital Art / Graphic Design

Born in Spain in 1966.Studied graphic design and photography.Specialized in black and white,fine art photography.Living in U.S.A since 2003.

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