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Audrey Wilson, Medium has studied, trained and worked in the field of Mediumship and Psychic Studies for over 30 years. She is world renown as a medium/trance medium. In the time she has spent working with the public, she has brought healing and solace to her clientele as they connect with their loved ones on the other side. When engaged in Trance work, her spirit team offers the sitters wisdom and healing for their own spiritual progression through the earth-plane. Her work with Resonant Essentials has brought advanced training to our own Intuitives and those who wish to progress in their own gifts. She is available for readings starting from 12p with the last reading at 1:30p

All other readers are available from 12p – 5p.

As an infant Annette Grace communicated with her guide, Mary-El. She was fortunate to have a family that accepted her talking to Mary-El, animals, and healing trees.
In 1999 she began studying metaphysics with Unity Minister G. Keyler. This led her, in 2001, to studying Energetic Healing with R. Mueller. These reopened her long dormant psychic mediumship ability. She then studied and became a reflexologist, Aromatherapy Educator, Usui Reiki Master, and completed all four levels of B. Coffman’s psychic development classes.

A natural born-Clairsentient, Donna of Dominion Tarot has studied extensively with Dusty White in his program Intuitive Tarot, and has furthered her relationship in Tarot with respected Tarot Readers for the past 20 years.
As a mediuim, Donna has trained and completed Evidential programs with Susanne Gieseman, James Van Praagh, John White, Medical Intuitive, Nicole de Haas of Holland, Audrey Wilson of the UK, Whispers Through the Light, John Edwards, Evolve and Candice Thomas.
To her credit Donna completed 8 hours of Deep Trance Mediumship with David Thompson pf New Zealand and Eric Cargil from York, England.
Under the guidance of Tom Newman, she has finished a 3 year Evidential Intermediate and advanced mediumships program through his organization, Teaching of the Angels.

As a child, Rosemary Nevara was able to predict things, know things, see/perceive, feel and hear things that could not be explained. Because the culture in which we live does not value these aptitudes, and in some cases even fears them, these abilities are rarely acceptable. It is rarer still to receive encouragement to develop such gifts. Because of this, Rosemary suppressed her “clair” senses for many years. Eventually her intuitive abilities resurfaced, and they could no longer be ignored. Today she uses these abilities to allow her to tap into valuable information for clients, to connect to those who have transitioned, and to do psychic guidance personal readings both face-to-face and over distances.


Albuquerque, NM

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