Workshop: Effective Conflict Management

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Do you hate conflict and avoid it at all costs? Would you like to know how to prevent conflict from escalating? Join us to learn key skills for effective conflict management.

Learning Objectives
Recognize functional and dysfunctional conflict.
Understand the causes of conflict in organizations.
Know your preferred styles for handling conflict.
Learn how to effectively collaborate in a conflict situation.
Whether you’re an entry-level employee or the CEO, conflicts in the workplace occur and can be uncomfortable and disruptive. Learning and understanding methods of conflict resolution will help prevent issues from escalating and increase teamwork and productivity.

Participants will learn about functional and dysfunctional conflict, the causes of conflict, and will participate in an assessment that incorporates preferred styles for handling conflict. Guidelines and methods for dealing with conflict will be provided to incorporate awareness, effective collaboration, and increase productivity.


Nonprofit staff and board members at all levels of the organization

Jenifer, of Jenifer Romero Consulting, is an energetic and passionate advocate for growth. In collaboration with her knowledge resource team, she is committed to helping individuals and organizations develop and realize their full potential. Jenifer has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Business Development, and Marketing. Previously, Jenifer was the COO/Director of Outreach & Development for Galloping Grace Youth Ranch, a Rio Rancho non-profit. In previous years, Jenifer was a founding member of the award-winning Human Resources team at Applied Research Associates, Inc., where she developed their Recruiting and Compliance program, provided HR consultative services to all levels of management, and helped guide the growth of the HR team.
Registration Fee $35.00


United Way of Central New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

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