Words from the Walls – Revolutions 2019

Event has passed!

Words from the Walls is a site-specific performance that explores different points of view about walls that separate people. Some could be invisible walls, and some could be walls on paper. A non-conventional performance that mixes bilingual poetry, video projection, and physical theater on stilts, to create an ambulatory, theatrical experience. Weaving an intertwined story connected by poetry and visual images, stilters, live musicians, and a poet take audiences on a journey through the NHCC campus.

Words from the Walls is a unique performance for adults that takes audiences on a surreal theater- dance journey. Nemcatacoa Teatro is focused on narration through images and sound landscapes instead of a regular dramaturgy based on words. A bilingual tapestry of poems will help audiences go on this live experience with the company.

This performance is mobile and outdoors. Please let Tricklock staff know if you need assistance.

Directed by Nicolás Cifuentes
Performed by Gina Shorten, Tara Rochelle, Celestina Mancha, Mikaele Rowe, Laura Rodriguez, Andrea Bear King, Julian Zuluaga, Muni Kulasinghe, and Nicolas Linares
Music by Muni Kulansinghe
Choreography by Gina Shorten
Video by Julian Zuluaga



National Hispanic Cultural Center, Plaza Mayor, Albuquerque, NM

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