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Umwelt is a German word meaning, “the world as it is experienced by a particular organism.” In this exhibition, the artists concentrate on what it is to be someone other-than-ourselves, and necessarily, fail. Erin Gould’s performance and sculpture encourage humility by focusing on the communications of trees, specifically the Kentucky Coffee Tree, and our inability to ever really comprehend them. laura c carlson asks their audience to “become mussel;” to embody a member of one of the most endangered families of animals on the planet and to imagine what existences are possible. Tommy Bruce helps us wonder at what it means to be human through his photographic works featuring his fursona, Atmus, a cartoonish deer. nicholas b jacobsen wonders how the rocks that hold our memories and ideologies in the form of memorials and monuments feel about embodying these often violent and partial histories.

By practicing UMWELT in public, these artists ask you to try, and fail, with them to open your hearts to stories–ours and those we have trouble hearing.


John Sommers Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

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