Online Art Auction

Sunday, June 7th, 04:00pm

Join us in our Facebook Sale Group where Albuquerque area artists and crafters will be showing and selling their work online auction style! Auction is open weekly Thursdays beginning at 4pm and closing Sundays at 4pm.

Thanks for supporting living and working artists!

Facebook Group Link

Hello ABQ and ABQ area Artists and makers! We are going to start an online platform in this new, temporary fb group! The format is auction style, and this is a group for you to you can sell your work! We feel that this will help you with:

1. Taking good quality photos to post online. We recommend you play with photo editing apps/software and different angles and lighting. Personally, we have found SNAPSEED to be super user friendly!

2. Getting more comfortable with your online presence. Since you are responsible for your sales and shipping, you must be present and engage! You also must be set up to take payments online! We recommend having PayPal or Square, Venmo, Cash App…. Any of these will work. Please be sure in your listing, to explain your payment options! OT CIRCUS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT COLLECTION OR SHIPPING YOUR WORK AND IS TAKING NO COMMISSION ON SALES.

3. Pricing your work. Pricing shipping your work. Jennifer and Ashley are here to help with questions you may have, and in the comments on the Facebook page, you will find a handy chart as a pricing guide! AGAIN: OT CIRCUS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT COLLECTION OR SHIPPING YOUR WORK AND IS TAKING NO COMMISSION ON SALES.

How this works:

Each artist will post their piece in the PHOTO ALBUM on the OT Circus FB page when they finish it. ARTISTS WILL UPLOAD THEIR WORK ANY DAY LEADING UP TO THE START DAY, 24 HOURS BEFORE AT THE LATEST! People are asked to hold their bids until 4p Thurs. They will set the starting bid they are willing to accept, and bidding will commence in the comments section of the individual post. Only bids on the PHOTO ALBUM POSTS will be accepted. So, when you share make sure to let your bidders know WHERE to bid. Artists may leave the bidding open with no BIN (Buy It Now) option, or they can place a BIN to close out the sale.


How to bid:

If you want to bid on art and are unsure how:

So simple! When you see the artwork, you like – you comment on the picture with your bid! If your bid is the highest at the end of the auction, you win the item, and the artist will contact you via private message within 24hours.

Event Start Date : Thursday, June 4th, 04:00pm
Event End Date: Sunday, June 7th, 04:00pm
Event Start Date : Thursday, June 11th, 04:00pm
Event End Date: Sunday, June 14th, 04:00pm

Albuquerque, NM

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