Horizon-based Astronomy: Understanding The Mexica Calendar System

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Presented by City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center Lecture Series on Cultural Astronomy. Cultures worldwide have observed and utilized celestial events for millennia. Archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, astronomers, and other scholars have examined the materials left by peoples to better understand their cultural world views. This series will explore astronomy through a cultural lens of observation.

Presented by Kurly Tlapoyawa, Archeologist

The year Chiknawi Kalli (9 House) recently began the day after the observed equinox, as measured by the Templo Mayor in Mexico-Tenochtitlan. In this short workshop, we will examine how the Mexica calendar functions, and how Mesoamerican astronomers utilized naked eye, horizon-based astronomy to measure time.


Albuquerque, NM

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