Hollow Spirits Grand Opening – New Locally Owned Distillery

Event has passed!

Customers are invited to a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Hollow Spirits Distillery’s 9,750 square foot production space, and given the opportunity to tour the space and shop for bottles. They are excited for New Mexico to try their rich and full-bodied wheat VODKA, their secret GIN recipe that brings forth the perfect balance of juniper, citrus, flowers, and cucurbits. They know fans will love the sweet and smooth yet fruity and complex taste of their RUM. Choose from selection of hand crafted refreshing cocktails, along with local beer and wine in the modern Pour Room, featuring work from local New Mexico artist Cloud Face.

“I am excited to help the NM craft industry grow, support the local economy, and bring new life into the Downtown/Wells Park Corridor. I see this as a great opportunity to support my family and friends, giving them a platform to shine on another level ” says CEO Frank Holloway. “We are also looking forward to beginning distribution of our products in December. Look for Hollow Spirits Vodka, Gin, and Rum on store shelves, and in other bars, restaurants, and nightclubs you visit.

In addition to LOCAL distilled liquors, Hollow Spirits is pleased to invite you to sample Chef Tristin Rogers’ fresh menu focused on seasonal local ingredients. “It’s important to me that we showcase everything New Mexico has to offer. Yes, we have amazing red and green chile, but there is so much more we can be known for” says Chef Rogers. Hollow Spirits Distillery plans to source as many ingredients from New Mexico, keeping the culture in the food, while elevating the presentation.

About Hollow Spirits Distillery

We are a family owned, LOCAL business supported by a wonderful team of family and friends who were excited to jump in and help with the demolition and construction of the distillery. Hollow Spirits is supporting New Mexico and Albuquerque economies by sourcing all construction and services from local contractors and local service providers.

Head distiller, Martin Ulloa sees distilling as an art-form. “I am excited to make a variety of different types of quality spirits to match the diversity we have in New Mexico. “ With Hollow Spirits Vodka, Gin, and Rum available and selling now in our Pour Room, and plans for whisky, agave based spirits (like tequila), and absinthe in the pipeline, Hollow Spirits Distillery will be pouring a wide variety of spirits with a emphasis on educating our community on the aspects of distilling and how to appreciate and identify the various aromas and flavors. And develop a pallet for the subtle and not so subtle differences in the spirits. “We want to help New Mexicans understand that there are a great variety of spirits out there. Just like the local brewing scene exposed us all to beer styles from across the world, we want to do the same with spirits.”

“Ultimately we really just want to provide a welcoming place where you can relax, and enjoy a local hand crafted cocktail, some fine food and connect with friends and family,” says Frank.



1324 1st St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA

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