Friday Drum Circle

Event has passed!

This is a free event and you are encouraged to bring along your own drum! Drums are also provided based on availability.

A rhythm structure will be presented for unity and meditative practice to provide synchronicity- This is the only main guideline set for the engagement. Please follow this. A practice in mindful attention and focus naturally unfolds from itself. With effortlessness you will escape the mind and come to greater, inner calm, and peace. Through the structure of a simple rhythm that is taught, that everyone may follow along with ease, together, we journey into a unity state of consciousness.

Empowering and fun!

The purpose of this event is to engage the community both rhythmically and with the awareness of one another. A great time to be amongst friends, network your passion and dreams, and unwind from the week.



Bataan Park, Albuquerque, NM

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