Darth & Yoda Choose Your Side

Event has passed!

The enormously popular Darth Vader and Master Yoda hot air balloons return to this special inflation event at the Balloon Museum (weather permitting).

All are invited to attend, even droids, womp rats, and nerf herders. No advance reservations required, except for school groups and tour groups whose total group size is 15 or more people

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In addition to encountering Darth and Yoda up close, visitors will also be able to meet the pilots and crew members. And

Meet one of the galaxy’s favorite droids, BB-8. Great photo opportunity.
Explore the Balloon Museum’s exhibitions
Enjoy the Mos Eisley Craft Port (arts and crafts at various stations in the museum)
Experience the Tim Anderson 4-D Theater
Visit the Balloon Explorium for hands-on hot air balloon experiments and simulators
Watch Radio-Controlled Hot Air Balloon Demonstrations. Guest pilot, Chewbacca.

Since visitors will be under the watchful eyes of troops from Vader’s own 501st Dewback Ridge Garrison, costumes are welcomed, but blasters are not permitted at this event. Siding with Rebels? Look for allies among members of the Bantha Canyon Base who will also be here. Not sure which side to choose? There will be plenty of Mandalorian Mercs to mingle with too.

Upon arrival at the Balloon Museum, school and tour groups will proceed to Tosche Station (the East Gate) to gain admittance (signs and Rebel scum or Imperial forces will direct you) and to receive Imperial Access Permits, which will help guide you through your “Darth and Yoda Choose Your Side” experience.

The rest of you will present yourselves and any of your droids at the museum’s main blast doors to obtain your Imperial Access Permit. No Jedi mind tricks!



9201 Balloon Museum Dr.

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