Beer & Grilled Cheese Pairing w/ Cheesy Street

Event has passed!

Beer & Grilled Cheese Pairing w/ Cheesy Street – IT’S BACK again for ABQ Virtual Beer Week on the Westside to go! You know why? Because it’s freaking delicious and awesome. I mean come on it’s freakin grilled cheese and beer. Basically the two greatest things in America. Cheesy Street will be serving up a flight of 4 assorted mini grilled cheeses with an assorted four pack of Farmer’s Tan Red Ale, Pilsner #15, Brut IPA, and Honey Wheat! This event is limited to 75 orders so order online now at

1) Haymaker Honey Wheat is paired with the Ham & Havarti grilled cheese.
2) Farmer’s Tan Red Ale will be paired with an Edam grilled cheese.
3) Brut IPA will go with an all new sandwich: S.O.S.O.S. Sharp on Spicy on Sweet! Sharp cheddar with spicy mango jam.
4) Pilsner #15 will be paired with a Gouda grilled cheese.


Tractor Brewing Company - Westside, Albuquerque, NM

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